Traveling is a conflicting topic for me. On one hand it’s appealing to head out into the world to take in new scenery, meet new people and explore. On the other hand I know the moment I eat at a restaurant I’ll have a tummyache, the soap in the motel will leave a mysterious rash, and odds are someone will end up carsick. But we’re having FUN right?!  


So, what to do? I could get my own cow for milk, chickens for eggs, plant a large garden, and make my own soap. That might work…if I stay home and live like a pioneer woman. But these days that’s hard to do and as I get older I’m developing a desire to see more of the world. I’ve never really enjoyed travel, but as my self awareness has grown I have realized that was largely due to feeling puny once we hit the road.


Ah, yes. The joys of finding what works for each of us is quite a journey. This outdoorsy girl has never been into cooking as much as some, but my mama taught me nothing leaves me feeling quite as good as her home cooked meals. So I’ve been putting some extra effort in as I value the health of my family. Through trial and error I’m finding some easy ways to bring healthy food with us on the go, without days of prep work.


Breakfast Burritos: I cook up some ground sausage and eggs and put them in a tupperware in the cooler. Throw in some tortilla shells, cheese if you like, and some guacamole or salsa and it’s done.


Ham: I bought a black forest ham from Costco and sliced it up for sandwiches or a quick protein snack. We packed bread, hummus & mayo, cheese if you like and had an easy lunch with some fruit on the side.


Pasta Salad: I cooked noodles, cut up tomato, bell pepper, and olives and added an olive oil dressing. You could cook a roast in the Instant Pot while you make the pasta salad and have a pretty complete dinner. A little wine tops it off just right!


Hard Boiled Eggs: They’re so easy to bring along for added protein any time of the day.


If I can’t bring enough food I look for familiar restaurants I know I can trust, or hit the fresh section at a gas station along the way.


Wishing you healthy summer travels!