Remember the day your little one got into the pantry and scattered cookies galore in an attempt at a secret snack? How about your middle schooler’s first hunting experience? The day your teenager got that long awaited driver’s license, oh the memories! Time flies. One minute it’s Easter and before we know it Thanksgiving has arrived.


In the midst of crazy busy schedules it’s hard to fit in time for picture day. It’s also….stressful. When to schedule it? What to wear? How to manage the meltdowns? What if my husband hates it? What if it’s not perfect?


The realities set in and it becomes overwhelming. I wanted to touch on some points that might help relieve some of your apprehension.


  1. Consider the colors of the room you plan to hang the photos when picking your clothing options. Coordinating with that space will be easy on the eyes when the pictures go up on the wall. Choose 3 colors. I prefer a neutral color or two with another color or two. Keeping the color scheme simple helps a lot. In my latest family photos I chose blue jeans for everyone and then combinations of dark blue and white shirts/vests. We all wore similar colors in different ways. Another example would be cream, denim and some red or turquoise.


  1. Plan ahead for picture day. Making sure the laundry is clean and ironed is one obstacle out of the way. Next plan snacks and meals. Hungry kids and even adults can be grumpy and impatient, so having healthy food available beforehand is helpful. If hair and makeup is a priority and stressful just plan ahead to have someone help you. You could hire a professional, or invite a friend over to help you get ready. Problem solved!


  1. Be open to various definitions of “perfect”. The pictures you have of the pantry mess, the hunting experience, and the driver’s license selfie weren’t planned. I’m guessing they were even a little messy, but they’re still perfect. They’re perfect because they really happened. They are memories you want to keep forever. Milestones. Picture day is partly the pictures you get, and partly the experience. We’ll do our best to have some fun and laugh together. I’ll help you and guide you through posing. Sometimes the best shots are posed. Sometimes they’re of your toddler showing off her twirly dress because that is ADORABLE, and you’ll remember how much her free spirit loved it.


  1. Include your animals! Often I will be taking photos of a family just posing away and they are cute….but then they bring out their horses or dogs and everything becomes more natural. Expressions come alive and I just love the authentic interaction.




I hope this helps you plan your picture day. Rest easy, there will be some good ones.

~Kendra Marvin