Beginner's Workshop

Beginner’s Workshop


Join me for an afternoon of camera lessons and application. You’ll quickly learn that it’s not all about how great your camera is, but how you operate it.

Take home your cheat sheets and practice, practice, practice!

Product Description

A 5 hour workshop to figure out the most important functions and buttons of your camera, keys to composition, focus and lighting. FINALLY see what key components your pictures have been missing, and how to add them.


We will cover:

Gear recommendations.

Camera functions & settings.

Basics to shooting in manual mode.

Capturing what you see, how you see it.

Nail your focus….no more blurry pictures!

Work WITH the sun instead of AGAINST it for beautiful light.

Individual evaluations on how to modify and improve your pictures.

Shooting time together. I’ll explain what I’m looking for, why, and how to set the camera accordingly.


You will leave the workshop with new ideas, techniques and intention for your pictures. Practice, practice, practice and it will pay off!


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