Dear irrational thoughts:

I have had quite enough of your hurtful comments. Your consistent ridicule has ruined my self-esteem. I’m not sure when I began believing you, but you’ve convinced me that you speak truth. I hear you telling me that I’m inferior to those around me, that I need to accomplish things to be valued, that I’m not worthy of praise, that people are laughing at me when I fail, that I don’t deserve success, that I have no purpose in life aside from raising my children, that I’m not attractive enough.

I have another friend that believes you sometimes, yet somehow I can recognize that you’re lying to him. When you told my horse he couldn’t do it, I assured him that he could. When you told him not to trust me, I showed him that it would be worth it. When I saw him believe in me more than you, my heart melted.

I have found a better partner in life, so good-bye irrational thoughts. You are no longer welcome in my head or my heart.



Why is it that I can see more good in my horse than myself? He’s not great at barrel racing, but he’s a successful rope horse. He’s not an elite cutting athlete, but he keeps my daughter safe and shows her how fun riding horses can be. He reflects my own energy back to me and keeps me grounded. I love him for who he is.

God sees the good in me just as I see the good in my horse. This helps me understand the love He has for me, and that He wants me to be confident in who He has made me to be. Horses are all different from each other and have strengths and weaknesses, just as we do. It’s healthy to celebrate our strengths and accept our weaknesses.

Let’s stop comparing and start celebrating!