There seems to be plenty of horses on the market these days, giving potential buyers an opportunity to do a lot of browsing. What is it that really catches their eye? What is most important to them? Ads that are unattractive, or even mediocre, may let a great horse go unnoticed. I have purchased many horses myself, and I want to share my experience with you.

Use high quality photos.

You know those photos that are so blurry and dark that it’s hard to even make out the color of the horse? Or the ones that the angle is so bad that the horse’s head looks gigantic and the hip looks teeny tiny? It’s no fault of their own, even a beautiful horse looks bad under those circumstances.

Taking a picture from an angle that is flattering to the horse helps make it look more attractive. Clear photos with good lighting have an even greater effect. Horses that have been well groomed will look the best, so I always recommend taking the extra time to show how fancy they can look.

Identify and showcase your horse’s strong points.

I’m not talking about the kind where sellers stand on the back of the horse with their arms up, it’s not your balance that potential buyers are so excited about.

What is it about this horse that is desirable? If he’s great at roping, show an eye-catching photo of him doing his best work with a good attitude. If he’s good with kids, or ranching, or barrel racing, or cutting…people want to see him in action. When they see the athleticism and effort for themselves it will likely increase their interest.

Make no assumptions, talk about the basics.


Does it have good ground manners? Does it load and haul easily? Can it run well with other horses? Is it an easy keeper? Does it have good feet?

Mention mindset along with skills.


A horse that has a great mind is fun to ride. Who doesn’t love a horse that gives 110% every time it competes? Along with the horse’s skills and accomplishments, it’s always helpful to mention their mindset.

Make a good video, with good sound.

We’ve all seen those videos of horses loping in a circle while the camera bobs up and down, leaving us with that car sick feeling. The sound of the wind blowing moves your focus to the “mute” button. We fast forward to see if there is there more to this video than loping circles in the wind. Yep, you’ve seen them too!

Most people love to see videos of horses they are interested in purchasing. No sound is better than bad sound, and music is even better. It’s nice to see them lope a few circles, but then moving on to other objects is appealing. The more there is to see in a fairly short amount of time the better.

I hope this helps you create your next “horse for sale” ad.