After two days of high school rodeo this weekend I wanted to share with you a few things I am thankful for.


Our Freedom

 We are blessed to have the freedom to pursue our biggest dreams.



Horse Trailers 

Transportation for our equine friends is the most obvious benefit of a trailer, but it’s also convenient to be able to camp out in them. One of the two days mother nature blessed us with rain so I had great appreciation to anywhere dry.


Portable BBQ’s

Nutrition is high on my priority list, especially when it comes to sports and competition. It’s hard enough for athletes to focus and perform their best when they’re feeling great, not to mention when they are hungry or battling blood sugar fluctuations. With a little preparation the day before, it’s easy to toss home cooked meals in the cooler to warm up in a portable BBQ, rain or no rain!


Hot Coffee

Did I mention the rain yet? It might not hit the top of the nutrition list, but boy is it great to have good coffee nearby.


Big Sisters 

While these other amenities are nice to have, this part is what I’m most thankful for. Does anyone remember their first rodeo? The nervous “butterflies” and fighting off the “what if”  thoughts isn’t easy. Figuring out where to get into the arena (and equally as important how to get OUT) can be scary in itself. Some of these girls that are fairly new or brand new to rodeo were lucky enough to have big sisters. Sisters that know the ins and outs of the arena. They know the game and what to expect. I saw them helping little sisters in the gate, helping them with their horses in the back, and cheering them on from the side. It’s good to have a sister like that. Good job to the moms and dads raising those kinds of kids.